Since its establishment, the Institute has had a clear liberal ideological orientation. We believe that some of the major problems faced by the Cypriot society nowadays are related to the weak appeal of liberal ideas.

Although liberalism in Europe was the dominant philosophical and ideological trend that shaped, with the advent of the Enlightenment, the framework for the operation of the modern nation-state and liberal democracy, its impact on the Cypriot society, has clearly been limited. This explains, to a large extent, the social stereotypes and conservative attitudes that are still in place, despite the significant progress that has been made in recent years, to hinder the reform of the state and the progress of our society.

Therefore, through all its activities and more particularly through its “Philelefthera” magazine, the Institute looks forward to promote the liberal political ideology in the public debate, connecting the world of ideas with applied politics- from social issues and the economy, to gender equality, the environment and democracy.