The green transition is perhaps the most important challenge humanity is facing today. More and more states are now beginning to realize that if measures are not taken as soon as possible, then it will be all too late for a brighter future. This is also reflected in the definition of measurable goals and objectives that have been set both at the global level and - mainly - at the European level, with important milestones in 2030 and 2050.

The 2021 'Fit for 55' package, as well as extended policy targets extending over a longer period, such as the adoption of the European Green Deal in 2019 and the adoption of a strategic policy target for carbon neutrality in 2050, both set without any doubt major challenges for the member-states in the coming years. The goal of the green transition is not easy. It requires a series of changes and reforms in a number of policy areas that greatly reshape what we have known until now. Today, we are talking about energy poverty, energy justice, the circular economy, climate neutrality, and a series of new concepts, which are gaining a dominant position in the public sphere.

This great challenge of the green transition certainly also concerns Cyprus which, as a member-state of the European Union, should without delay implement all the commitments and proceed with all the changes required, in order to achieve the collective goals that have been set. So far, our country manages to be within the timetables that have been set for achieving specific commitments. However, much more needs to be done. There are areas in which we will have to improve at a much faster pace, while special sections in addressing the transition objectives will also have to be made. These will require technocratic preparation, as well as social acceptance.

Regarding the whole issue of the green transition, one would say that there is still relative ignorance on the part of the wider society, while there are only a few who have specialized knowledge and experience. The Green Transition Observatory seeks, on the one hand, to contribute to the general information of public opinion, and on the other hand to contribute to the analysis and informed dialogue around critical issues related to the green transition, such as the climate crisis, renewable energy sources, energy insecurity, and so on.

Within this framework, the Observatory organizes special seminars, policy meetings and other events, while publishing articles and expert analysis. The Observatory has also launched a special series of podcast episodes (ISPD Green Podcast) in which the latest developments in the green transition are presented and analyzed by specialist scientists and experts.