As a research institution, ISPD aims to become a credible and reliable source for information and analysis. It also aims to contribute in the promotion of political rationality and scientific evidence in policy making, while it also aspires to function as a center for the production and circulation of ideas by fostering critical thinking and a democratic political culture.

Within this framework, the Institute ensures that the work produced by its staff and partners is based on reliable scientific research and academic knowledge, fully respecting the independence and academic freedom of its associates.

The Institute shall also ensure that, as far as possible, any form of conflict of interest in research is avoided. Towards this end, those involved in the Institute’s research activities shall disclose to the Scientific Council any potential conflict of interest.

Furthermore, the Institute's researchers have an obligation to ensure that they follow the principles of scientific truth, to respect intellectual property, as well as to fully comply with the protection of personal data based on the relevant legislation. Any potential issues regarding research ethics are examined by the Scientific Council.

While the Institute is ideologically affiliated to the European centre-right, as expressed in Cyprus by the Democratic Rally, this does not imply any political restriction on the conduct of the Institute's research work or on the freedom of expression of its researchers. It is further noted that the selection of the institute's staff and partners is based on their expertise and/or research work.