The Institute of Studies for Politics and Democracy is a non-profit research institution based in Nicosia. Its aim is to act as a bridge for the world of ideas and science, and the world of practical politics, thus contributing to filling an important gap that exists in Cyprus at the level of think tanks, study centers, and more generally research institutions oriented towards policymaking.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote programmes which connect the world of ideas to policy-making.
  • Conduct research and surveys based on scientific knowledge for the purpose of promoting rationalism in politics as opposed to phenomena of populism and demagoguery in modern democracies.
  • Promote research on European integration and EU policy, with core emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean
  • Provide information and specialized knowledge on the Institute’s areas of interest through educational programmes and activities.
  • Advance the free circulation of ideas in order to enrich public dialogue, promote critical thinking, encourage research financing and provide opportunities to new researchers.
  • Encourage research and innovation as the means to achieve sustainable development and social progress.

Our Values

    The Institute is:
  • Ιnspired by the process of European integration, which also provides the framework within which a federal reunification of Cyprus, based on the relevant UN resolutions, can be truly viable and functional
  • Ιdeologically affiliated with the European centre-right, as expressed by the Democratic Rally in Cyprus, but retains full autonomy as a research institution.
  • Guided by the belief for the need of liberal reforms with a special concern for social and environmental issues.
  • Committed to supporting gender equality as an element of democracy.
  • Focused on the cultivation and promotion of democratic political culture and the creation of the necessary conditions for strengthening trust in politics, especially amongst young citizens.
  • Supportive of investing in education as it is the most crucial form of investment for the future of any country.

Means to achieve is objectives

    ISPD seeks to achieve its objectives through:
  • Conducting studies and performing analyses, producing policy papers and newsletters, and by participating in research programs.
  • Publishing and circulating the research work carried out by the Institute.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, lectures or other events.
  • Promoting collaborations and joint actions / programs with academic institutions and other research institutes and organizations in Cyprus.
  • Establishing networks, and developing collaborations with similar institutes and Think Tanks abroad.
  • Cooperating with state agencies and civil society organizations to promote common goals and objectives.

Financial Transparency / Good Governance

  • The Institute of Studies for Politics and Democracy is a nonprofit organization based in Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • The Institute may receive donations or sponsorships, as well as national, European or international funding from research projects, and/or revenues from the Institute's activities.
  • Τhe financial management of the Institute shall be carried out on the basis of an income-expenditure budget for each financial year, commencing on the 1st of January each year. The budget shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Τhe responsibility for the financial management of the Institute shall be the responsibility of the Director of the Institute, who acts on the instructions of the Board of Directors to which s/he shall be accountable.
  • Τhe Board of Directors appoints an approved auditor for the annual audit of the Institute's accounts.
  • Τhe institute maintains absolute transparency as to its financial resources; it complies with the principles of sound financial management and shall be subject to financial audit , as provided for in the relevant legislation.