In this analysis, which is part of the ISPD EastMed Geostrategic Outlook series of articles, Dr Constantinos Filis provides a concise analysis of the key challenges and opportunities for Greece for 2023. As Dr. Filis notes, despite recent destabilizing factors such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the energy crisis, Turkey's escalating provocative stance, Greece has managed to overcome the risks and challenges, giving further impetus to its economic recovery after the pandemic and strengthening its geopolitical role in the region. The new facts that have emerged in Greek-Turkish relations after the devastating earthquakes in the neighbouring country, create conditions that may favour international initiatives (e.g. from the US or the EU) after the national elections in both countries, towards the creation of a more stable environment in the region. The Achilles' heel for Greece at this time, however, as Dr. Filis suggests, is the politcal polarization and political instability that may arise should the country be driven into a continuous cycle of elections as a result of the inability to form a government. 

Dr Constantinos Filis

Senior Research Fellow