Information on elections

On June 25, 2023 and August 20, 2023 general elections were held in Guatemala to elect a president, a vice-president, 160 seats in Congress, 20 members of the Central American Parliament mayors and councillors for 340 municipalities. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Presidential Elections:
Sandra Torres National: Unity of Hope party, 1,567,664 votes 39.09%
Bernardo Arévalo: Semilla party, 2,442,718 votes 60.91%

Congress elections:
National Unity of Hope: 54 Seats
Vamos: 16 Seats
Valor: 9 Seat
Unionist Party: 3 Seats
National Convergence Front: 8 Seats
Bienestar Nacional: 8 Seats
Movimiento Semilla: 7 Seats
Vision with Values: 7 Seats
Todos: 7 Seats
Winaq: 4 Seats
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity: 3 Seats
Humanist Party of Guatemala: 6 Seats
Commitment, Renewal and Order: 6 Seats
Victory:3 Seats
National Advancement Party:2 Seats
Movement for the Liberation of Peoples:1 Seats
Podemos:1 Seats
National Change Union:12 Seats
Citizen Prosperit: 3 Seats
Total: 160 Seats

Central American Parliament elections:
National Unity of Hope: 4 Seats
Vamos: 5 Seats
Semilla: 3 Seats
Valor: 2 Seat
Vision with Values: 2 Seats
Todos: 1 Seats
Will, Opportunity and Solidarity: 1 Seats
Nosotros: 1 Seats
Victory:1 Seats
Total: 20 Seats

About the electoral system
The election of the president of Guatemala takes place in two rounds with a simple majority. 130 of the 160 Congress seats are elected from 22 multi-member constituencies based on the departments, 31 are elected from national constituency distributed through a multiparty proportional system in single-member constituencies.

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