Information on elections

On February 4, 2024, a general election was held in El Salvador to elect the president, vice president and 60 members of the Legislative Assembly. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Nayib Bukele: 1,662,313 votes 83.14%
Manuel Flores: 139,025 votes 6.95%
Joel Sanchez: 122,926 votes 6.15%

Party: NI 56 seats
Party: ARENA 11seats
Party: GANA 4 seat
Party: FMLN 4 seats
Party: PCN 1 seats
Party: PDC 1 seats
Party: NT 1 seats
Party: V 1 seats
Independents: 1 seats

About the electoral system

The winner of the presidential election must be determined by an absolute majority. If there is no such majority, a second round follows within thirty days at the latest between the two candidates who collected the highest number of valid votes in the first round. Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected by the D'Hondt method.