Information on Elections

On May 19, 2024, general elections were held in the Dominican Republic to elect a president, vice-president, 32 senators, 190 deputies, and 20 PARLACEN deputies. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Presidential election:

Luis Abinader (Modern Revolutionary Party - PRM): 2,505,186 votes (57.45%)
Leonel Fernández (People's Force - FP): 1,257,907 votes (28.85%)
Abel Martínez (Dominican Liberation Party - PLD): 453,037 votes (10.39%)
Roque Espaillat (Democratic Hope Party): 59,315 votes (1.36%)
Carlos Peña (Generation of Servants Party): 31,519 votes (0.72%)
Virginia Antares Rodríguez (Democratic Choice): 25,146 votes (0.58%)
Miguel Vargas (Dominican Revolutionary Party - PRD): 19,740 votes (0.45%)
María Teresa Cabrera (Broad Front): 6,236 votes (0.14%)
Fulgencio Severino (Country for All Movement): 2,730 votes (0.06%)
Total votes: 4,360,816


Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM): 24 seats (+7)
Dominican Liberation Party (PLD): 0 seats (-6)
People's Force (FP): 3 seats (+2)
Social Christian Reformist Party: 1 seat (-5)
Liberal Reformist Party: 1 seat (+1)
People First Party: 1 seat (+1)
Alliance for Democracy: 1 seat (+1)
Independent Revolutionary Party: 1 seat (+1)

About the electoral system

The President of the Dominican Republic is elected using the two-round system; if no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes, a second-round runoff is held between the two candidates with the highest votes in the first round. The 32 members of the Senate are elected from the 31 provinces and the Distrito Nacional using first-past-the-post voting. The 190 members of the Chamber of Deputies are elected in three groups: 178 are elected by proportional representation from 32 multi-member constituencies, 7 are elected by proportional representation by Dominican expatriates, and 5 seats are allocated at the national level to parties that received at least 1% of the vote nationally. The 20 seats in the Central American Parliament are elected by proportional representation. Around eight million people were eligible to vote in this election. Voting began at 07:00 on May 19 and closed at 17:00. The process was described as smooth, apart from small irregularities reported by opposition parties.

President before election: Luis Abinader (PRM) Elected President: Luis Abinader (PRM)