In this Working Paper, Professor Hatzimihail sets the historical and constitutional framework that governs the institution of the Attorney-General in Cyprus, proceeding to a general overview of the various functions of the institution, taking a systemic approach that sets a broader framework discussion and reflection. As he notes, "a sober discussion is needed that will lead to effective reform, while avoiding deregulation or the cosmetic surgery of the plastic surgeon".

In this paper, Professor Hatzimihail, through a comparative overview, presents ideas regarding the internal organisation/reorganisation of the state's legal representation system, independent officials at the head of the system, and possible control mechanisms during the exercise of powers and responsibilities, with particular emphasis on institutional balances, judicial control, and transparency. Finally, Hatzimihail submits thoughts and suggestions regarding the length of service of the Attorney General and the selection criteria, in continuation of his previous related article (see here), which has already been published by ISPD.

Prof. Nikitas Hatzimihail

Senior Research Fellow