The debate on how to appoint independent public officials has a long history in Cyprus, as does the very idea of ​​independent officials, which goes back to the 1960 Constitution. The debate, as noted by the Professor of Law at the University of Cyprus Dr. Nikitas Hatzimichael, gained increased interest after the recent establishment and staffing of the independent Anti-Corruption Authority in Cyprus, "which allows us to evaluate ideas and persons and to reflect more seriously on the role and possible reform of institutions". "The issue", he indicates, "is real, the stakes concern the better governance of a society with increasing complexity, and any decisions will have consequences for the constitutional organization and state functioning of the Republic of Cyprus. However, the debate is often carried out one-dimensionally, without a comprehensive understanding of what is at stake, and this is reflected in many of the proposals that are made." In this text (in Greek), Professor Hatzimichael, after outlining the constitutional and juridical political imperatives that define the framework of a possible reform project, attempts an innovative taxonomy of the selection process, limiting the hitherto unchecked power of the President of the Republic and introducing the element of "institutional pluralism", with the ultimate goal of strengthening citizens' trust in the institutions.

Prof. Nikitas Hatzimihail

Senior Research Fellow