The war in Gaza has monopolized the interest of the international community in recent weeks. What is developing after the terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel cannot but cause deep sadness as well as concern. This feeling is even more intense in Cyprus, which is only a few kilometers away from the war zone.

Much has already been written and said regarding the causes of this conflict. What has not yet been sufficiently discussed in the public debate is what the next day will be and that is where we are turning our attention as an Institute.

With the help of the Institute's expert partners and distinguished guests, we review how the situation in Gaza is developing and how the wider environment is shaping up in the region, we analyze the possible scenarios for the next day, examine the options available to the parties involved in the conflict as well as the regional and international actors.

We certainly also put the role of Turkey under the microscope of our analysis, as we attempt a more general assessment of the geopolitical challenges that Cyprus may face, depending on the outcome of the war.