Brief Project Description:

For reasons related to the formation of the identity of the Greek Cypriots, during the transition to modernity but also with the general history and evolution of the Cyprus problem, the Greek Cypriot community in general has had traditionally a perception of ignorance of the importance and role of Turkish Cypriots. Among other things, this contributes to the lack of adequate infrastructure, at an institutional level, that would allow a systematic and in-depth monitoring and study of what is happening in the Turkish Cypriot community.

The establishment and operation of the Department of Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cyprus has been, without a doubt, an important development in this direction. Nevertheless, a mass of scientists who could analyze in depth what is happening in the occupied territories has not yet been created. Apart from some - particularly notable - exceptions, which contribute significantly with their scientific analyses to the public debate, we know very little - and we understand less - regarding developments in the Turkish Cypriot community.

Having identified this necessity, this research project aims to formulate a mechanism for systematic observation and analysis of what is happening within the Turkish Cypriot community, both politically and economically as well as socially. Given the limitations that exist, on a linguistic level, attempts are being made to collaborate with Turkish Cypriot researchers.