The Institute was founded by an initiative of the six-member Board of Directors, who also constitute the Institute’s main administrative body. The President and the members of the Board of Directors offer their services voluntarily, and do not in any way receive salaries or remuneration.

The Scientific Council is an advisory body whose purpose is to assist the work of the Institute, in order to better manage research and scientific issues exclusively.

The Institute’s associates-researchers are primarily academics, former top state officials, senior government officials of public administration and of security forces and technocrats or specialists with significant professional experience in the private sector.

Fully respecting the principle of academic freedom and the independence of its associates, the Institute does not impose any kind of restriction on the expression of opinions and ideas.

As part of the Institute’s operation, three Observatories are currently in place: the Democracy Observatory, the EastMed & Mideast Observatory and the Green Transition Observatory.