Information on Elections

On September 9, 2023, the first round of presidential elections was held in the Maldives. The second round of elections will be held on September 30. The results as follows:
Electoral results

Presidential Elections:
Mohamed Muizzu: People's National Congress (Maldives), 101,653 votes 46,06%
Imbrahim Mohamed Solih: Maldivian Democratic Party, 86,161 votes 39,05%
Ilyas Labeeb: The Democrats Party, 15,839 votes 7.18%
Umar Naseer: Independent Party 6,343 votes 2.87%
Qasim Ibrahim: Jumhooree Party Party 5,460 votes 2.47%
Ahmed Faris Maumoon: Independent 2,979 votes 1.35%
Mohamed Nazim: Maldives National Party votes 1,907 votes 0.86%
Hassan Zameel: Independent 327 votes 0.15%
Total 220,651 votes

About the electoral system
The election of the president of the Maldives takes place in two rounds with a simple majority. The candidate who secures 50% in the first round of the elections is elected president, if this is not achieved, a second round is held with the two candidates who hold the highest percentages.

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