How excited, and more importantly, how worried should we be about A.I. developments? This seminar delves into the growing apprehension surrounding the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on security in multiple dimensions. The rapid advancement of AI technology raises profound concerns about its potential implications on economic stability, societal well-being, political processes, and democracy itself. Of particular concern is the utilization of AI in propagating disinformation campaigns, where the power of machine learning algorithms can be harnessed to create and disseminate misleading content on an unprecedented scale. The proliferation of AI-driven disinformation not only jeopardizes the integrity of information ecosystems but also poses significant security risks by sowing discord, exacerbating social divisions, and potentially compromising critical systems. In the absence of comprehensive strategies focusing on regulation and resilience, governments and societies might find themselves on a slippery slope unable to control the A.I.-induced security implications.