Articulating the position that conflict is a condition for change and therefore any leader who aspires to bring about important ruptures and intersections, should be ready to assume political costs, the president of the Institute, Christoforos Fokaidis, submits in his article thoughts and concerns in relation to upcoming presidential elections. Entitled, "Choosing Leadership in Presidential Elections: Conflict, Change, and Political Costs," this article attempts to posit a broader theoretical framework for understanding the phenomenon of leadership, as a background for a critical analysis of the pre-election landscape as it has unfolded. in view of the upcoming presidential elections, and the options that the Cypriot voter has before him.

As pointed out, the presidential elections are held in an environment of intense disdain for political institutions, which favors the promotion of the image and not the substance of politics. This juncture, as indicated, is what has been instrumentalized by the candidacy of Nikos Christodoulidis, which at the same time avoids taking a clear position against the critical dilemmas the country has before it. It is a transactional approach to politics, as noted, based on securing the greatest possible support at the lowest possible cost.