Information on elections

On 20 August, snap general elections were held in Ecuador. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

First round

Luisa González -Citizen Revolution Movement: 3,332,813 votes, 33.62%
Daniel Noboa -National Democratic Action: 2,321,279 votes, 23.41%
Christian Zurita - Movimiento Construye: 1,629,351 votes, 16.44%
Jan Topić - Por Un País Sin Miedo: 1,452,934 votes, 14.66%
Otto Sonnenholzner - Actuemos: 699,680 votes, 7.06%
Yaku Pérez - Claro Que Se Puede: 393,251 votes, 3.97%
Xavier Hervas - RETO Movement: 48,648 votes, 0.49%
Bolívar Armijos - AMIGO Movement: 35,832 votes, 0.36%
Source: Elecciones 2023

About the electoral system
The president is chosen through a modified two-round system, where a candidate needs to secure more than 50% of the vote, or achieve over 40% of the vote while maintaining a 10-point lead over the closest competitor, in order to win in the initial round. The president's tenure is restricted to two successive four-year terms. Regarding the National Assembly members, their election involves three distinct methods. Fifteen members are chosen through closed list proportional representation on a national scale. Six members are elected by expatriate voters (two from Canada/United States, Latin America, and Asia/Europe/Oceania each). The remaining 116 members are selected from multi-member districts through closed list proportional representation, utilizing the Webster method to allocate all seats. Members of the National Assembly are constrained to serving two four-year terms, regardless of whether these terms occur consecutively or not. The party lists are subject to gender quotas, ensuring an alternating representation of men and women, while minority representation is not subject to any quotas.

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