Information on elections

On August 23 and 24, 2023, general elections were held in Zimbabwe to elect 210 members of parliament, 1,770 councillors and a president. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Presidential Elections:

Emmerson Mnangagwa: ZANU–PF party: 2,350,711 votes, 52.60%
Nelson Chamisa: Citizens Coalition For Change party: 1,967,343 votes, 44.03%
Wilbert Mubaiwa: National People’s Congress party: 53,517 votes, 1.20%
Douglas Mwonzora: Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai party: 28,883 votes, 0.65%
Joseph Makamba Busha: FreeZim Congress party:18,816 votes, 0.42%
Blessing Kasiyamhuru: Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity party: 13,060 votes, 0.29%
Tapiwa Trust Chikohora: Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development Party party: 10,230 votes, 0.23%
Gwinyai Henry Muzorewa: United African National Council party: 7,053 votes,0.16%
Elisabeth Valerio: United Zimbabwe Alliance party: 6,989 votes, 0.16%
Harry Peter Wilson: Democratic Opposition Party party: 6,743 votes, 0.15%
Lovemore Madhuku: National Constitutional Assembly party: 5,323 votes, 0.12%
Total: 4,468,668 votes

Parliament elections:

ZANU–PF: 136 seats
Citizens Coalition For Change: 73 seats
Vacant: 1 seat
Seats for women: 60 seats
Total: 270 seats

About the electoral system

The election of the president of Zimbabwe takes place in two rounds with a simple majority. 210 of the 270 parliamentary seats are distributed through a multiparty proportional system in single-member constituencies. In the remaining 60 seats, women are elected with proportional representation in ten six-seats constituencies. According to the Constitution, all political parties must have a woman candidate at the beginning of the ballot and then alternate between men and women to contest seats in Parliament. Of the 80 seats in the Senate, 60 are elected from 10 six-seats constituencies. From the remaining 20 senate seats, 2 are elected by persons with disabilities and 18 traditional chiefs.

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