Information on elections

On December 17, 2022, Tunisia held parliamentary elections to choose the members of the third Assembly of the Representatives of the People. In the great majority of constituencies, run-off elections are anticipated to take place on January 20, 2023, as just 21 candidates were elected in the first round.

Electoral results 2022

First round
25th of July Movement: 10
Independents: 10
People's Movement: 1

Second round

About the electoral system

33 multi-member constituencies are used to elect the Assembly of Representatives of the People's 217 members using closed list proportional representation (and 6 representing Tunisian expatriates). Using the largest remaining technique, seats are assigned. In constituencies with four or more seats, lists must follow the zipper method, which implies a percentage of 50% between male and female candidates, and they must include a male and female candidate who is under 35 in the top four spots.

Electoral results 2019

Ennahda Movement: 52 seats
Heart of Tunisia: 38 seats
Democratic Current: 22 seats
Dignity Coalition: 21 seats
Free Destourian Party: 17 seats
People's Movement: 16 seats
Tahya Tounes: 14 seats
Machrouu Tounes: 4 seats
Nidaa Tounes: 3 seats
Errahma: 3 seats
Tunisian Alternative?: 3 seats
Republican People's Union: 3 seats
Afek Tounes: 1 seat
Green League: 1 seat
Current of Love: 1 seat
Farmers' Voice Party: 1 seat
Aïch Tounsi: 1 seat
Popular Front: 1 seat
Democratic and Social Union:n 1 seat
Socialist Destourian Party : 1 seat
Source: IFES

Selected articles

Tunisian president issues new electoral law ahead of parliament elections in December -official gazette, 16 September, 2022