Information on elections

General elections were held in Sweden on 11 September 2022 to elect the 349 members of the Riksdag. They in turn will elect the prime minister of Sweden. Under the constitution, regional and municipal elections were also held on the same day.
Source: Elections to the Riksdag

Electoral Results
Distribution of the 349 seats:

Swedish Social Democrats 107 seats and 1,964,474 votes
Sweden Democrats 73 seats and 1,330,325 votes
Moderate Party 68 seats and 1,237,428 votes
Left Party 24 seats and 437,050 votes
Centre Party 24 seats and 434,945 votes
Christian Democrats 19 seats and 345,712 votes
Green Party 18 seats and 329,242 votes
Liberals 16 seats and 298,542 votes
Source: IFES

Prime Minister: Ulf Kristersson

About the electoral system

The Riksdag is made up of 349 seats, and all are elected through open list proportional representation on multi-member party lists.
Source: Elections in Sweden, Election Authority

Sweden is different in the sense that it has elections on a fixed date with a parliamentary system in which prompt elections can be called. The newly-elected legislature would benefit the rest of the four-year term which was initiated by the previous legislature. Elections are organized on the second Sunday of September every four years, simultaneously as the municipal and regional elections. Each of the 29 constituencies has a set number of parliamentarians that is divided through constituency results to guarantee regional representation. The other MPs are then elected through a proportional balancing, to ensure that the numbers of elected MPs for the various parties accurately represent the votes of the electorate.
Source: The Swedish Constitution

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