Information on Elections

On 30 September 2023, early parliamentary elections were held in Slovakia to elect members of the National Council. The results were as follows:

Electoral results

Direction – Social Democracy: 681,017 votes 22.95%, 42 seats
Progressive Slovakia: 533,136 votes 17.96%, 32 seats
Voice – Social Democracy: 436,415 votes, 14.70 %, 27 seats
OĽaNO and Friends: 264,137 votes, 8.90%, 16 seats
Christian Democratic Movement: 202,515 votes, 6.82%, 12 seats
Freedom and Solidarity: 187,645 votes, 6.32%, 11 seats
Slovak National Party: 166,995 votes, 5.63%, 10 seats

About the electoral system
The election of the National Council or National Parliament of the Slovak Republic takes place every 4 years. You are made up of 150 seats in which members are elected by universal suffrage with proportional representation apportioned through the Hagenbach-Bischoff quota.

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