Information on elections

Presidential elections were held in Slovakia on 23 March 2024 and 6 April 2024 to elect the president. The results are as follows:

First round results:

Ivan Korčok, Independent: 958,393 votes, 42.52%

Peter Pellegrini, Voice – Social Democracy Party: 834,718 votes, 37.03%

Štefan Harabin, Independent: 264,579 votes, 11.74%

Second round results:

Peter Pellegrini, Voice – Social Democracy party: 1,409,255 votes, 53.12%

Ivan Korčok, Independent: 1,243,709 votes, 46.88%

Total: 2,652,964 votes, 100%

Electoral system: For the election of the president, an electoral process is conducted with the two-round system. If no one wins the majority in the first round, the process continues in the second round to elect the president.

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