Information on elections

On March 24, presidential elections were held in Senegal to elect the president. The results are as follows:

Bassirou Diomaye Faye: PASTEF party, 2,434,751 votes, 54.28%

Amadou Ba: Alliance for the Republic party, 1,605,086 votes, 35.79%

Aliou Mamadou Dia: Party for Unity and Rally, 125,690 votes 2.80%

Khalifa Sall: Manko Taxawu Sénégal party, 69,760 votes, 1.56%

Electoral system: After the initial delay of the election process on February 3 by President Sol, the process was postponed indefinitely by the National Assembly until the Constitutional Council overturned the decision. Each president is entitled to hold the anointing for up to two terms.

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