Information on Elections

On 15 October 2023, parliamentary elections were held in Polland to elect members of Sejm (highest governing body of the Third Polish Republic) and Senate. The results were as follows:

Electoral results (Sejm)

Law and Justice: 7.640.854 votes, 35.4%, 194 seats
Civic Platform: 6,629,402 votes 30.7%, 157 seats
Szymon Hołownia's Poland 2050 & Polish People's Party: 3,110,670 votes, 14.40 %, 65 seats
The left: 1,859,018votes, 8.61%, 26 seats
Confederation: 1,547,364 votes, 7.16%, 18 seats

Electoral results (Senate)

Civic Coalition: 6,187,295 votes, 28.91%, 41 seats
Third Way: 2,462,360 votes, 11.50%, 11 seats
The Left: 1,131,639 votes, 5.29%, 9 seats
United Right: 7,449,875, 34.81 %, 34 seats
Independents: 573.060 votes,5.29%.4 seats
Independents and other committees with a single candidate: 638,126 votes, 2.98%, 1 seat

About the electoral system

The process of election for the Sejm (460 seats) is through party-list proportional representation via the D'Hondt method in multi-seat constituencies,[22] with a 5% threshold for single party (KW) and citizen committees (KWW) and an 8% threshold for coalitions (KKW). National minority communities, such as the German minority, are waived from the requirement of accomplishing a nation-wide 5% result, and only need to do so in their electoral constituency, in this specific case Opole, provided the remaining parties or coalitions do not win a sufficient portion of the vote there. The 100 Senate has constituencies. Senators are elected by first-past-the-post method in 100 constituencies.

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