General Information

On February 8, 2024, a general election was held in Pakistan to elect the members of the 16th National Assembly. The result was as follows:

PTI: 149 seats31.82%
PML(N): 82 seats 24.35%
PPP: 54 seats13.03%
MQM-P: 7 seats 1.38%
PPP: 12 seats 4.85%

Description of the electoral system:

There are 336 members of the National Assembly which are made up of 266 general seats. The way these seats are elected in Pakistan is initially by a first ballot in single-member constituencies. Specifically, 60 of the total seats are reserved for women who are elected by proportional representation, which is determined based on the number of general seats won by each party in each province. Also, 10 seats are reserved for non-Muslims, who are elected through proportional representation based on the numbers of overall seats won by each party.