The important challenges and uncertainties that Cyprus is and will be asked to face in the near future are examined in an analysis paper by our Institute's Research Fellow, Dr. Pavlos I. Koktsidis. As stated by Dr. Koktsidis, the year we are going through presents several challenges. The war between Russia and Ukraine, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and the Cyprus issue, continue to test the country. The global multicrises and geopolitical disturbances, according to Dr. Koktsidis, generally complicate the prospects of economic recovery and political stability. However, as far as Cyprus is concerned, there is an important window of opportunity to draw financial support from the European Economic Recovery Fund, which may contribute to further economic growth in the long term. The economy is a big challenge, at the same time, however, migration is a critical issue of national security and to deal with it, the contribution of the United Nations and the cooperation with the EU are needed. Dr. Koktsidis also notes the importance of Cyprus' cooperation with the United States and other regional actors. Finally, the determination of Cyprus's position in the Western security system is also characterized as crucial, especially after the drastic reduction of Russian influence.

Dr. Pavlos Koktsidis

Research Fellow