Information on elections

On 11 June, parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Europe Now!: 77,206 votes, 24 seats
Together! (DPS–SD–LP–UDSh): 70,292 votes, 21 seats
For the Future of Montenegro (NSD–DNP–RP): 44,603 votes, 13 seats
Aleksa and Dritan – Bravery Counts! (Democrats–URA): 37,777 votes, 11 seats
Bosniak Party: 21,415 votes, 6 seats
SNP–DEMOS: 9,465 votes, 2 seats
Albanian Forum (ASh–LDSh–UNSh): 5,671 votes, 2 seats
Albanian Alliance (FORCA–PD–LSMZ): 4,520 votes, 1 seat
Croatian Civic Initiative: 2,231 votes, 1 seat

About the electoral system
The Parliament of Montenegro is comprised of 81 seats, which are elected in a single nationwide constituency using closed list proportional representation. The allocation of seats follows the d'Hondt method, and there is an electoral threshold of 3%. However, minority groups that make up no more than 15% of the population in a district are granted an exemption, which reduces the electoral threshold to 0.7%. When calculating seats, parties representing the same minority can be combined, but the maximum number of seats is limited to three. Additionally, there is a separate exemption for ethnic Croats, where if no list representing the population surpasses the 0.7% threshold, the list with the highest number of votes will secure one seat if it receives over 0.35% of the vote.
Source: IFES

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