• The decision to publish the magazine Philelefthera was born out of the need to fill a significant gap in the public debate in Cyprus regarding the promotion and defence of liberal ideas.
• Although liberalism in Europe was the dominant philosophical and ideological current, with the advent of the Enlightenment, it shaped the framework of the modern nation-state and liberal democracy, its impact has been irrefutably limited on Cypriot society .
• Indeed, it can be argued that many of the pathologies facing Cypriot society today are related to this weak resonance of liberal ideas. • Social stereotypes that hinder the state reform and progress, as well as ideological anchors that affect the country's foreign policy, are largely related to the absence of a liberal political culture and the weak influence of liberal ideas in the Cypriot political system.
• This journal aims, to open a window to the world of the great ideas of liberalism but above all to bring liberal political thought to the public debate, linking the world of ideas with applied politics, from social issues and the economy to gender equality, the environment and democracy.
• The pages of the journal host texts based on a liberal approach, without, however, imposing restrictions on the expression of opinions.
• After all, defending liberalism also means defending the different opinion and the right of free choice, insofar as it does not harm the rights of others.
• Our ambition is to establish this magazine as a forum for the expression of liberal political thought in Cyprus and to promote liberal principles and values such as individual freedom, social justice, pluralism, tolerance and rationality.

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