Information on Elections

On April 4, 2024, a legislative election was held in Kuwait to elect 50 members of the National Assembly. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Party: Salafi Alliance, 3 Seats, 3.41%
Party: Hadas, 1 Seat, 3.36%
Party: Taalof, 2 Seats, 3.18%
Party: Hashd, 2 Seats, 3.09%
Party: Thawabit Al-Umma, 2 Seats, 3.03%
Party: KDF, 1 Seat, 0.98%
Party: Justice and Peace Alliance, 1 Seat, 0.86%
Independents, 38 Seats, 82.08%

About the electoral system

The 50 elected members of the National Assembly are elected from five ten-seat constituencies by single non-transferable vote. Political parties are not officially licensed meaning candidates formally run as independents, although many political groups operate freely as de facto political parties. All Kuwaiti citizens above the age of 21 have the right to vote. Related Articles:

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Kuwait holds first parliamentary election under new Emir, April 4, Reuters