Although the Institute of Studies is fully autonomous in terms of administration, operation and the work it produces, it is affiliated on an ideological-political level with the Democratic Rally, as the most important liberal party of Cyprus, following the model of similar institutes abroad. This affiliation has been a conscious choice as it allows the Institute, on the one hand, to have a positive effect, in terms of policy impact and, on the other hand, in the direction of reform and modernization of the party system.

This is the role that similar research institutes and think tanks play, to promote new ideas and perceptions, and to contribute to the renewal of political culture and the modernization of political life, having rationalism and scientific knowledge as their primary guide. Ensuring its autonomy is a necessary condition for a research institute to be able to play such a role. To this end, a crucial factor is the question of financing. Based on European practice, part of the responsibility is assumed by the state itself, through the state budget, recognizing the decisive role played by similar institutions in a mature democracy. The position of the Institute of Studies for Politics and Democracy is that Cyprus should adopt a similar practice (see related policy brief).