Information on elections

General elections were held in Indonesia on 14 February 2024 to elect the president, vice president, People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) consisting of the House of Representatives (DPR), the District Representative Council (DPD) and the members of the local legislatures . at the province and city/state level. The results are as follows:

Gerindra Party: Prabowo Subianto 58.89%
Change Party: Anies Baswedan 24.06%
PDI-P Party: Ganjar Pranowo 17.05%

Legislative election results:

Voters were given four ballots, one for the president and vice president, one for the People's Representative Council (DPR), one for the District Representative Council (DPD), one for the Provincial People's Representative Councils (DPRD Provinsi). Voters used a nail to punch a hole in the ballot indicating which party or candidate they wished to vote for then dipped their fingers in ink as a precaution against voter fraud.

Selected articles:

Prabowo Subianto will be the next president of Indonesia, February 14, The Economist