Information on elections

On 4 June, snap general elections were held in Guinea Bissau. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Inclusive Alliance Platform – Terra Ranka (PAIGC–UM–PCD–PSD–MDG): 264,240 votes, 54 seats
Madem G15: 163,509 votes, 29 seats
Party for Social Renewal: 100,429 votes, 12 seats
Guinean Workers' Party: 54,784 votes, 6 seats
Assembly of the People United: 29,787 votes, 1 seat

About the electoral system

The National People's Assembly consists of 102 members who are elected using two methods: 100 members are chosen through closed list proportional representation from 27 multi-member constituencies, while the remaining two members represent expatriate citizens in Africa and Europe and are elected from single-member constituencies.
Source: IFES

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