Information on elections

On August 26, 2023, general elections were held in Gabon to elect 143 members of the National Assembly and the president. After the announcement of the results on August 30, 2023, a coup began cancelling the results. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Presidential Elections:

Ali Bongo Ondimba: Gabonese Democratic Party, 293,919 Votes, 64.27%
Albert Ondo Ossa: Alternance 2023 Party, 140,690 Votes, 30.77%
Pierre Claver Moussavou: Social Democratic Party, 5,178 Votes 1.13%
Gervais Oniane: Union for the Republic Party, 3,639 Votes 0.80%
Victoire Lasseni Duboze: Independent, 2,198 Votes 0.48%
Emmanuel Mvé Mba: Independent, 1,412 Votes 0.31%
Jean Romain Fanguinoveny: Party of the Gabonese People Party, 1,272 Votes 0.28%
Jean Delors Biyogué Bi Ntougou: Independent, 1,266 Votes 0.28%
Gérard Ella Nguéma: Gabonese Patriotic Front Party, 1,239 Votes 0.27%
Axel Stophène Ibinga Ibinga: Independent 1,124 Votes 0.25%
Abel Mbombe Nzoundou: Independent, 1,057 Votes 0.23%
Jean Victor Mouanga Mbadinga: People's Social Emancipation Movement Party, 1,034 Votes 0.23%
Joachim Mbatchi Pambou: UFC Party, 967 Votes 0.21%
Thierry Yvon Michel N'goma: Independent, 825 Votes 0.18%
Other candidates: 1,468 Votes 0.32%
Total 457,288 100.00%

About the electoral system

The election of the president of Gabon takes place in one round with a simple majority. The candidate to be elected needs only the plurality and not the absolute majority of votes. This system gives very few chances to the fractious opposition, and this is the reason for the coup that took place on August 30, 2023. The seats in Congress are elected from single-member constituencies in two rounds of elections.

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