Freedom in the World
The Freedom in the World report is published annually by Freedom House since 1978 and assesses the condition of civil liberties and political rights in 210 countries and territories.

Each country/territory is given a total score which is based on expert surveys covering the following topics:

(A) electoral process,
(B) political pluralism and participation,
(C) functioning of the government,
(D) freedom of expression and of belief,
(Ε) associational and organizational rights,
(F) rule of law,
(G) personal autonomy and individual rights.

Topics A, B and C are added up to form the political rights index, while topics D, E, F and G make up the civil liberties index. The scores of the two indices are combined to provide a total freedom score on a scale of 0 to 100; the higher the score, the more free a country/territory is considered to be.

In addition, the combined total scores of each country/territory are weighted on a scale of 1 to 7 so that their status is determined; they can be determined as either Free (1 – 2.5), Partly Free (3 – 5.5) or Not Free (5.5 – 7).

Explore the map below to view the latest status and total freedom score for each country/territory. To view and interact with more Freedom in the World data, visit our 'Analysis' page.