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On April 21, 2024, a constitutional referendum was held in Ecuador. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Proposal A: Army support to police in combatting drug trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking, trafficking in persons, terrorism, illegal mining, extortion, intimidation, and organized crime Yes: 7,077,124 votes 72.24% No: 2,719,902 votes 27.76% Approved

Proposal B: Allowing extradition Yes: 6,261,740 votes 64.34% No: 3,471,123 votes 35.66% Approved

Proposal C: Specialized constitutional justices Yes: 5,768,730 votes 59.92% No: 3,859,366 votes 40.08% Approved

Proposal D: Recognizing international arbitration as a method of settling investment, contractual, or commercial disputes Yes: 3,312,419 votes 34.83% No: 6,197,467 votes 65.17% Rejected

Proposal E: Reform of the Labour Code regarding fixed-term and hourly contracts, when entered into for the first time Yes: 2,910,916 votes 30.49% No: 6,636,892 votes 69.51%Rejected

Proposal F: Giving the Army competence for carrying out permanent control of weapons, ammunition, explosives, and accessories on the routes, roads, roads, and corridors authorized for entry to social rehabilitation centers Yes: 6,741,974 votes 69.66% No: 2,936,418 votes 30.34% Approved

Proposal G: Increase in criminal penalties for terrorism and its financing, illicit production and trafficking of controlled substances, organized crime, murder, contract killings, human trafficking, kidnapping for ransom, arms trafficking, money laundering, and illegal activity with mineral resources Yes: 6,501,332 votes 67.34% No: 3,153,674 votes 32.66% Approved

Proposal H: Reform of COIP to allow full criminal sentencing within a social rehabilitation center for criminal recruitment of children and adolescents, kidnapping for ransom, illicit production of scheduled controlled substances, illegal activity with mineral resources, possession of prohibited or unauthorized firearms, ammunition and explosives, unauthorized possession and carrying of weapons, extortion, disclosure of identity of an undercover agent, informant, witness, protected person, or protected judicial officer, influence peddling, solicitation of influence peddling, and frontmanship Yes: 6,429,400 votes 66.68% No: 3,212,147 votes 33.32% Approved

Proposal I: Criminalization of civilians possessing or carrying weapons, ammunition, or their components that are for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces or the National Police Yes: 6,142,321 votes 63.90% No: 3,470,555 votes 36.10% Approved

Proposal J: Allowing National Police and Army use of seized weapons Yes: 6,152,532 votes 64.06% No: 3,451,562 votes 35.94% Approved

Proposal K: Expropriation of seized property Yes: 5,843,682 votes 60.99% No: 3,737,057 votes 39.01% Approved

About the electoral system

The referendum included eleven proposed measures, with nine being approved. Voter turnout was reported at 72%. The approved measures were primarily related to security, with the most supported measure allowing the army to carry out operations with the police without a state of emergency being declared. Related Articles:

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