General Information

On January 14, 2024, elections were held in Comoros to elect a President. The results were as follows:

1. Azali Assoumani: 33,209 votes, 62.97%
2. Salim Issa Abdillah: 10,684 votes, 20.26%
3. Mohamed Daoudou: 3,102 votes, 5.88%
4. Bourhane Hamidou: 2,709 votes, 5.14%
5. Mouigni Baraka: 2,503 votes, 4.75%
6. Aboudou Soefou: 530 votes, 1.00%

Description of the electoral system
The electoral system of the Comoros now consists of two rounds, as established after a constitutional referendum that took place in July 2018. Specifically, in the first round a candidate to be elected must win most of the votes, while if none of the of candidates does not achieve this, then a second round is held between those who gathered the most votes and thus the president emerges.

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