Information on elections

On 23 July, general elections were held in Cambodia. The results are as follows:

Electoral results

Cambodian People's Party: 6,398,311 votes, 120 seats
FUNCINPEC: 716,490 votes, 5 seats
Khmer National United Party: 134,285 votes, 0 seats
Cambodian Youth Party: 97,412 votes, 0 seats
Dharmacracy Party: 84,030 votes, 0 seats
Cambodia Indigenous Peoples Democracy Party: 52,817 votes, 0 seats
Khmer Anti-Poverty Party: 40,096 votes, 0 seats
Khmer United Party: 36,526 votes, 0 seats
Grassroots Democratic Party: 35,416 votes, 0 seats
Khmer Economic Development Party: 26,093 votes, 0 seats
Ekpheap Cheat Khmer Party: 25,261 votes, 0 seats
Cambodian Nationality Party: 23,197 votes, 0 seats
Women for Women Party: 22,843 votes, 0 seats
Khmer Conservative Party: 20,968 votes, 0 seats
Beehive Social Democratic Party: 20,210 votes, 0 seats
People Purpose Party: 13,831 votes, 0 seats
Democracy Power Party: 13,704 votes, 0 seats
Farmer's Party: 12,786 votes, 0 seats

About the electoral system
The Cambodian Constitution outlines that the National Assembly is chosen through closed-list proportional representation, with members elected from 25 multi-member districts corresponding to the provinces. These representatives serve for 5-year terms, and seat distribution employs the D'Hondt method. Elections are scheduled for the fourth Sunday of July.

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