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General elections were held on 2 October for a first round while a second round was held on the 30 October 2022 to elect the President, Vice President, and the National Congress.

Electoral Results

Results of the first round:

Presidential candidates in runoff: Incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro of the PL (For the Good of Brazil) party (elected in 2018) is a candidate for reelection (second term) running against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the PT (Brazil of Hope) (elected in 2002 and reelected in 2006) is a candidate for re-reelection (third term).

Vice-President candidates in runoff: Walter Braga Netto of the PL (For the Good of Brazil) party running against Geraldo Alckmin of the PL (Brazil of Hope) party.

Results of the second round:

President: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Brazil of Hope) was elected president with 50.9% of the votes against his opponent Jair Bolsonaro (For the Good of Brazil) who received 49.1% of the votes.

Vice-President: Geraldo Alckmin (Brazil of Hope) was appointed as vice-president over Braga Netto (For the Good of Brazil).
Source: The Guardian

Composition of the National Congress of Brazil:
Chamber of Deputies (seats):
Liberal Party 76
Progressistas 58
Workers' Party 56
Brazil Union 51
Social Democratic Party 46
Republicans 44
Brazilian Democratic Movement 37
Brazilian Socialist Party 24
Brazilian Social Democracy Party 22
Democratic Labour Party 19
Podemos 9
Solidariedade 8
Socialism and Liberty Party 8
Communist Party of Brazil 8
New Party 8
Social Christian Party 8
Cidadania 7
Avante 6
Patriota 5
Republican Party of the Social Order 4
Green Party 4
Brazilian Labour Party 3
Sustainability Network 2
Party of National Mobilization 0
Act 0
Christian Democracy 0
Independent politician 0
TOTAL: 513

About the Electoral System
The President and Vice President of Brazil are elected as a joint ticket using the two-round system. The first round of elections was held on the first Sunday of October, in this instance, 2 October 2022. The candidate who receives more than 50% of the total valid votes in the first round is elected. If the 50% threshold is not met by any candidate, the two candidates who receive the most votes in the first round participate in a second round of voting, held on the last Sunday of October (in this instance, 30 October 2022), and the candidate who receives the most votes in the second round is elected.
Source: Poll Tracker: Brazil’s 2022 Presidential Election

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