Information on elections

On February 7, 2024, elections were held to elect the President. The results were as follows:


Ilham Aliyev: 4,577,693 votes 92.12%
Zahid Oruc: 107,877 votes 2.17%
Fazil Mustafa: 98,623 votes 1.98%
Qüdrat Hasanquliyev:85,607 votes 1.72%
Razi Nurullayev: 39,727 votes 0.80%
Elşad Musayev: 32,956 votes 0.66%
Fuad Aliyev: 26,561 votes 0.53%

Description of the electoral system:

Azerbaijan's electoral system provides for the election of the president by personal and secret ballot during two rounds. Specifically, in the first round a candidate to be elected must win most of the votes, while if none of the candidates succeeds in this then a second round is held between those who collected the most votes and thus the president emerges. The term of office of the president is seven years.