Centre for Democracy and Development (Nigeria)

    About: The Centre was established to mobilize global opinion and resources for democratic development and provide an independent space to reflect critically on the challenges posed to the democratization and development processes in West Africa, and also to provide alternatives and best practices to the sustenance of democracy and development in the region. CDD envisions a West Africa that is democratically governed, economically integrated – promoting human security and people-centered development. The mission of the center is to be the prime catalyst and facilitator for strategic analysis and capacity building for sustainable democracy and development in the West African sub-region.
    Phone: -
    Website: https://cddwestafrica.org/

    Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (Johanseburg)

    About: “To promote credible elections, citizen participation and the strengthening of political institutions for sustainable democracy in Africa, EISA's structures include:
    Elections and Political Processes seeks to influence key political processes that underpin elections in Africa and to promote the development, popularisation and application of election principles and good practices through knowledge production and dissemination, monitoring and technical support to election stakeholders.
    Governance Institutions and Processes aims to strengthen these key democracy institutions in Africa, by building the functional capacity of political parties and foster good inter-party relations.
    Balloting and Electoral Services enhances the credibility and legitimacy of organisational elections by providing independent and impartial electoral administration, management and consultancy services to business, labour, government, civic associations, tertiary institutions, community based organizations, quasi-state bodies and political parties.
    Field offices are established to pursue specfic objectives, on a permanent bases where these are broad, or on a temporary and ad hoc basis when they are more circumscribed...”
    Phone: +27 11 381 60 00
    Website: https://www.eisa.org/index.php /

    Ghana Center for Democratic Development (Ghana)

    About: Mission is to promote and deepen democratic consolidation, good governance and inclusive growth and development.
    Phone: +233-302 776 142 / +233-302 784 293 / +233-302 784 294
    Email: info@cddgh.org

    Institute for Democracy, Citizenship, and Public Policy (South Africa)

    About: The Institute conducts research into the factors that strengthen and sustain democracy across Africa. The research focuses on three broad topics. First, they are concerned with effective and predictable political (including judicial) institutions. Secondly, they are concerned with the factors that encourage an active and critical citizenry. Thirdly, they examine the effects of public policies on social and economic dimensions of citizenship as well as its political and civil dimensions, including through economic growth, social welfare (including health care) and the regulation of everyday life (including family life). They are dedicated to the critical reexamination of democracy in Africa and the development of Africa-centric theory through systematic empirical research and a critical engagement with scholarship on other parts of the world.
    Phone: +27 650 5370