This article studies the contemporary policy pursued by the US in Cyprus in the field of cultural diplomacy. In this study, Dr. Hadziathanasiou, Research Fellow of the Institute, poses the following questions: What is the contemporary state foreign policy of cultural diplomacy of the USA and how is it expressed in the specific area of the Republic of Cyprus? The aim and intention of this short study is to inform the reader about this relatively unexplored topic, which falls under the ever-growing field of cultural diplomacy. The study may be useful or interesting to the reader who does not know the specific topic, or to the reader who is already studying this topic, or even to the reader who practices cultural diplomacy through his capacity (e.g. state representatives ), or assimilates (or even rejects) the cultural diplomacy of foreign states as a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus and as a traveler outside its borders.

The study begins by explaining, epigrammatically, what the term "cultural diplomacy" means, when it is used, by whom and why, thus delimiting the context in which the text moves. Next, basic information is presented about the official state policy of cultural diplomacy practiced by the USA, as one of the axes of its foreign policy. Emphasis is placed on the administration of Donald Trump (20/01/2017 – 20/01/2021) and how it affected the public image of the USA after its end. Then the cross-cultural relationship between the USA and Cyprus is outlined, that is, how the USA exists and declares a cultural presence in the Republic of Cyprus today. As a conclusion, some thoughts/observations regarding the cultural diplomacy of the USA and its effect on the society of Cyprus are listed.

Maria Hadjiathanasiou

Research Fellow